Cardiff rocks. So does this t-shirt.

I loves new T-shirts for our fair city

Aug 27 2009 | South Wales Echo / Wales Online (by Catherine Mary Evans)

CARDIFF has been given the Big Apple treatment with a cheeky new T-shirt slogan celebrating our love of the Welsh capital.

Giving a nod to the resurgence of retro 80s culture, project manager Christian has created the “I Loves The ’Diff” logo, after being inspired by New York’s ubiquitous I Love NY brand.

“I’ve always admired the New York design but wanted to come up with an original idea that coincided with the 80s revival,” said Christian, 32, from Cyncoed.

“When I added the ‘s’ after the heart on the design, everyone I showed it to got excited about it.

“I created the design on the computer, then passed it on to a friend who is a graphic designer, to give it a professional edge.”

The range of T-shirts, priced at £12 including postage and packaging, is being launched online today at

T-shirts come with a choice of either a red or blue heart, which are intended to represent the Welsh dragon and Cardiff City FC.

“The I Loves The ’Diff T-shirts let the world know how you feel about the Welsh capital. And what’s not to love, right?” said Christian.

“I hope it will appeal to students and locals alike. I’m not going to make any money off it, but it’s just a little bit of fun for anyone with a soft spot for Cardiff.

“If people want to stock it in gift shops, Cardiff tourist shops or the students union I’d be happy to do that.”

He added that some of the colloquial Welsh catch phrases from Barry-based BBC comedy Gavin & Stacey have caught on in other parts of the UK due to the success of the show.

“The ‘loves it’ thing and ‘the ’Diff’ have caught on across the country,” said Christian.

“Even though it’s not grammatically correct, you see it everywhere at the moment whenever Wales is mentioned.”

For more information or to purchase an I Loves the ’Diff T-shirt, visit



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