Cardiff rocks. So does this t-shirt.

I Loves the 'Diff brand brings out sequel to Cardiff-punned greeting cards

After the success of the I Loves the 'Diff brand of Cardiff-themed greeting cards the triksy punster is bring out a new range to tickle anyone with a soft spot for the city

Following the success of his Taffywood cards, much-loved Cardiff brand name I Loves the 'Diff is coming out with a new range.

The 'Welshified' cards delighted Cardiffians with local take on classic book titles – and have since been snapped up at shops in Cardiff Castle, Chapter Arts Centre, the National Museum and soon to be at the new Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Launched earlier this year by hobby brander I Loves the 'Diff, the cards hit a local note of humour which touches anyone with a soft spot for the city, and creator Christian Amodeo said sales have rocketed:

"It's been incredibly busy. It's just been a huge amount of fun and it's a lot of folding cards and sending them off in packs.

"Some of the card outlets say people's faces light up when they get the gist of the joke.
"Times are difficult for most people so it just seems like everyone could do with a bit of cheering up and a laugh.

"It's exciting being able to go places we haven't gone before and now we're high profile."

Eight new cards which create a Cardiff wordplay on popular and classic book titles include 'East of Ely', 'The Da Vinci Coed', 'Last Tango in Powys' and 'A Farewell to Arms Park'. You can find out more about how Christian came up with the idea in our first post about the cards here.

Born Cardiff Bred - the new range from I Loves the 'Diff Photograph: I Loves the 'Diff
As well as the new titles for the card franchise, Christian is also launching a new line of Cardiff merchandise – Cardiff Born Cardiff Bred T-shirts. The blurb about the T-shirts on the website reads:

"This rock'n'roll T-shirt symbolises the pride felt by those of us who can do just that. With a nod to Frank Hennessey and a twist on a legendary Noo Yoik club logo and available in any colour so long as it's black, we'd say this t-shirt goes to 11."

Although Christian says he realises the T-shirts may appeal to an exclusive market, he hopes to also capitalise on the potential success of a new web series of the same name aiming to be Cardiff's answer to the 'mockusoap' The Only Way is Essex.

"It's more Promised Land than Tiger Tiger," Christian told Guardian Cardiff. "The whole thing with 'I Loves the 'Diff' was it was non-exclusive, so if you like Cardiff – it was for you, whether that's students, Cardiff city fans or people who live here.

"Cardiff Born Cardiff Bred is a little more exclusive, but we're trying to tune in to that pride. It also depends a little bit on what happens with the show – it's already a local catchphrase but it could become more of a popular culture thing in the next few months."
Amodeo started the locally infamous I Loves the 'Diff T-Shirts as a local take on the I heart NY equivalent – and his logo can be seen on lampposts, posters, bags and people's clothing across the city as a stamp of appreciation and local pride. Now his 'CBCB' T-shirts hope to continue the trend but expand the business.

"It's celebrating the local link of rock music and bands. Personally it's a T-shirt I would wear, it's black for going out at night, and it's a bit more subtle."

Christian also created the Cardiff underground map which has been popular – with the likes of Cardiff poet Peter Finch being a vocal fan.

Christian says he has a few more ideas up his sleeve to reveal – but you'll have to follow his website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed to find out.

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