Cardiff rocks. So does this t-shirt.

Best of Welsh Design

In what continues to be a fantastic year for I Loves The 'Diff, on Friday 14 October 2011 we picked up a Cardiff Design Festival Best of Welsh Design Award at the festival's awards dinner at the Coal Exchange. We think the appropriate response is “Yay!.

I Loves The ‘Diff was one of only 11 industry winners of a 2011 Best of Welsh Design Awards, which are a part of the annual Cardiff Design Festival. Chosen from a shortlist of around 35 , this unexpected accolade confirms the local brand's significant successes and increased awareness in 2011.

“It’s a real surprise, I have to admit,” said Christian to no one in particular after a third round of celebratory vodkas, long after the awards had been distributed and the party games played at the Design Festival’s closing party. “We thought it a success to have been shortlisted, but to win an award is amazing.”

“It feels great to have had I Loves The ‘Diff’s products validated and recognised in this way,” he continued as the lights in the now-empty venue began to switch off. “And it says a lot about the nature of the awards that it is so accessible and welcoming to those outside the traditional design industries.”

And with that we danced off into the night with our treasured lump of acrylic held aloft, glinting occasionally in the amber street lights of Cardiff Bay.

ABOVE: Panels featuring the 30 or so shortlisted entrants went on display in the atrium of the Senedd. That's my mum, above.









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